Blissful Catastrophe

Entropy is an expression of the universe and is perpetually combatted by all living beings. Humanity expresses a distinct technique combatting entropy through work and technology, but also expresses unique behavior. This behavior manifests fundamentally as an energetic excess, and is strikingly apparent through religious impulse.  Art springs from the same energetic excess as religion, in that art and religion is unnecessary for pragmatic survival. The drive for humans to incessantly innovate new technologies also appears as an energetic excess, but is different in that it is necessary for survival.  A conflict occurs that once technology augments our mode of existence, it creates new entropic forces. As an artist using DIY and open-source technologies, I aim to create work that is innovative, catastrophic, blissful, and redemptive in order to reflect this energetic excess. In short, I aim for my work to be an end in itself, while reflecting the entropy of the universe and the entropy of being a living human.