Waking Up From A Dream I Never Had

Waking Up From A Dream I Never Had

A Dream 1 A Dream 3 A Dream 6 A Dream 8 

*Shot into a mirror in its entirety

“There is only one way left.  You must go into the mirror and explore.   I congratulate you.  You wrote that one could go into mirrors and you didn’t believe it.  Try.  Always try.”  -Blood of a Poet, Jean Cocteau

I am waking up from a dream I never had.
I am entering a realm of unparalleled oblivion.
There is this becoming, a happening of seamless occurrence.
How fortunate I am to enter at this vertex of time and space.
Such a significant event is occurring,
and we are all here to be a part of it.

The transformation was inevitable.
This evolution is utterly impersonal.
And this sentience, circumscribing this vertex,
is no longer confined within this dreaming flesh.
But it is augmented within this vessel of light.



Live performance of “Statix”, digital processed vocals. Different version used as the soundtrack for the video “Waking Up From a Dream I Never Had”.


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