Poly 345

Poly 345

Scatter the images
Fracture the dreams
The city is broken
The forest is clean.

Scatter the ideas
Forfeit your eyes from what you see
The forest is falling
Beneath the city that sleeps.

I’m dreaming these images
I’m sleeping beneath
The motion solidifies into
The tower that sees.

Imagine you’re dreaming
Imagine you’re free
Free from the images
That blind what you see.

The city has beauty
The forest has lies
Both have their virtues
In the image that dies.

Scatter the images
Fracture the dreams
The city is sleeping
The forest now sees.

Polyrhythms of space, image, video, and music.

” I am so much enjoying working with film because it is so much like writing music.  It makes more and more sense to me. …I very much enjoy the process, the musicality of images, and I feel that it’s something that a lot of people aren’t working with in film.  That images are also musical, and that the way that they’re put together is musical.” – Merideth Monk