Transparency: Skype Specific

Best.Still006Han&Han AllTransparency: Skype Specific

* Featuring dancer Hannah Rae.

This project is a layered telematic performance with pre-recorded video. In the foreground is the audience viewing the performance over Skype. In the other space, the audience observes themselves projected on the wall with the dancer and a pre-recorded video layer of the dancer in that same space but different time. The dancer also has control of the POV of the camera with the Skype connection, which is on a servo motor activated by sensor. This emphasizes heterotopias brought out with media technology.

Within this work I am attempting to re-juxtapose the hierarchies of the voyeuristic gaze. The catch is that the subject has dominion over the camera, which she manipulates with her body. Through this manipulation she creates deception and alteration of the space she resides. This then causes tension and confusion towards the dominion of the original voyeurs.

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