Box with the Vision of its Own Making


“Box with the Vision of its Own Making” is made with mirrors and a tv monitor as its interior walls. Outside there is a camera to record the environment, then feeds the video into the monitor. Inside there is another camera on a pan-tilt motor to record the reflections of what it “sees”. The feed from the camera inside the box gets projected onto the exterior of the box. There is a facial recognition sensor also outside the box, and once triggered, the live feed turns into a pre-recorded video of the box being constructed.

We are becoming evermore faithful towards the vision of machines to represent ourselves and the world around us. A camera will play back precisely what it captures and does not depend on any other system of representation to communicate what it sees. It is a direct transfer of information.

What I see, I alone see.  If I want to share my vision I must reflect, then reproduce through various forms of representation. It is this process which I aim to convey into this project: from vision, to reflection, to representation. But once a viewers presence is sensed, reflection becomes recollection. It changes from a real time processing vision machine to portraying the process of its creation.

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