Relics was an experimental performance with only audio documentation emailed to the audience. It consisted of me providing a short burst of vocal scream, consisting for about a minute long. The scream was recorded,  split into short 3 second segments, then emailed instantaneously to the audience present at the time. (Their emails were provided for the work.) Each audience member received 3 seperate fragments of the vocal burst, but not chronologically arranged. The delay for them to receive the short WAV files was less than a minute long.

This compares physical presence to digital capture, and how the memory associates the two experiences through time. People responded very submissively towards the violent unexpected scream, not knowing how to grasp it, then became quite amused at their new emails that arrived on their smartphones with their short fragments.

The email also included a metaphysical text commenting on the experience. It also urges to be forwarded, in order to spread through cybernetworks. From the physical moment as point zero, throughout the digital spaces as the new measure of time.


Subject: An Email that Emails to be Emailed through History History History: Forward Email

Body:  There are two Bodies of Memory. Capture & Consciousness. Through Capture we Retrieve Relics of Experience, Evidence of Reality. Capture is Embedded within Consciousness, but Consciousness is Fragmented through Time. The Collection of Memory is History. The Collection of History is Eternity. The Moment has always been Zero. Time is the Replication of Memory. Consciousness is the Replication of Time. Replicate these Relics, Forward thisEmail: An Email that Emails to be Emailed through Memory History Eternity.

Attachments (Emailed to myself):


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